Eyes Bright, Just Girls … at Disney!

  • 08.29.2014
Happy Friday! I am finally back to my real life in New Orleans, but before I made it home, I took a quick little detour with Hailee to Magic Kingdom. Kinda crazy, I know - but my flight from Spain arrived into Orlando and I decided that rather than hopping directly onto one more flight I'd rathe

Featured! Bib & Tuck Interview

  • 08.26.2014
I'm way excited to share this feature from one of my favorite swap style shopping websites. The site, Bib & Tuck, has been likened to The Sartorialist meets ebay, and I for one, am wishing I'd thought of it first. Here's the general idea: post styled photos of things in your wardrobe that you'd like to sell (hel

Sunlit in a Ballgown Skirt

  • 08.26.2014
Because somedays, sitting in the sunlight in a ballgown skirt is all you can do. But truly, these are two of my very favorite things: southern sunshine and a skirt that makes you feel like you could dance, glamorously, all night long. As I've been slowly unpacking from Spain (uhmmm I've only opened the suitcase

To Thine Own Selfie

  • 08.25.2014
I returned home to New Orleans this weekend and am finally settling in and catching up on my daily reads. And look! In Saturday's paper, it's my selfie from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. Much love to the Times Pic for the selfie love! aaaand here I am! Right there on the list!

Gypsy Girl Out.

  • 08.21.2014
Hi my loves! I'm on a plane presently, heading back to the US of A. I've got 14 hours on planes today and here's how I'm dressing to stay stylishly comfortable from Spain to Oslo and then back to the States.   Have a beautiful one and can't wait to catch you guys on the flip! And in the meantime fo

Stone Cold Obsession

  • 08.20.2014
Ok, so while I don't normally advocate for wearing your under garments as your regular clothes, I have several good reasons for it today. 1. I've been living on a Mediterranean beach. And with that basically no one has tops on like ever. So, I'm allowed to let it slide for one more day. 2. And this is the rea

Through Black-And-White

  • 08.18.2014
“Our personal past is only available to us now through black-and-white film, it's a medium for communication with the dead, including our dead selves, the way we used to be, which is why we're drawn to it.”   I'm down to the last few days here in Spain. My flight arrives back on US ground o

Sea, Girls

  • 08.15.2014
“Look at that sea, girls--all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn't enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds.”   Si, si, what a beautiful way to say it. The little moments out by the sea are simply the best, and a tru

Relaxing in Tarifa

  • 08.14.2014
Last weekend was another adventure as Christine, her boyfriend Casey, and my Spanish pals headed off to Tarifa. Tarifa is on the southern most tip of the coast of Spain, on the Strait of Gilbraltar with a direct view to Tangiers. We spent the morning on the beach, in a little community that was full of VW vans a

Under Cover

  • 08.12.2014
I spent a day last week drinking, shopping and eating my way around Malaga with Christine. The days have grown quite a bit hotter, so my typical cutoff and t-shirt uniform has been replaced with bathing suit coverups converted into breezy dresses. This is a uniform I could definitely get used to. All white, a vinta