Silent Shine. Refracted Light.

  • 03.24.2015
SILENT SHINE. REFRACTED LIGHT. Photos by Shannon Griffin wardrobe provided by Hattie Sparks, sunnies by Derek Lam, platforms similar here Happiness comes in waves. In the music and the movement.  The silent shine. Refracted light.  2,973 hours of the whitest light, later.  And soul-filled shadows.

Important Orders

  • 03.19.2015
Orders of importance. At least on Sundays. Which is when my little brother snapped these photos post Southern Design Week brunch. 1. Wake up. 2. Coffee stat. Way. 3. Mimosa. Never. hurts. until tomorrow. 4. These boots. 5. An attempt at a well-dressed situation. On this particular day, I was hours away from t

Sanity Maintenance Plan: Weekend Edition

  • 03.14.2015
I have a lot on my figurative plate. Who doesn't? Little on the actual plate, because I'm running. I'm perhaps the most unsettled I've been in a long time, however feel strangely like a cup of chamomile tea.  Calm. I've adopted a new sleep habit of mostly never. Chugging coffee, like I chug my water. So le

Let’s Hear It

  • 03.09.2015
I woke up this morning with that song from Footloose in my head "my baby, he don't talk sweet, he ain't got much to say" if you don't know it, go find it, sing it in the shower and get Monday off to a sparkles and butterflies level start. And promptly after waking up and whistling that song in the shower I showed up

Everything. Eventually.

  • 03.03.2015
Presently. 1 a..m. obsessing. By the time I actually count the hands on the clock, we'll be 57 hours ahead of where this obsession story started. So what, by the way, are we obsessing over? The usual line up and a few additional everythings? ..(and I'm switching back to first person, because the other way is

Cosmic Impact

  • 02.25.2015
“Not just beautiful, though--the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they're watching me.”* Today we'll use this sparkly ensemble as a metaphor. I mean, why wouldn't we - it's like Beyonce's 711 video embodied in a dress. In. A. Dress. Spinning. Hands Up. And besides, these star

Editorial: Long Lost Perfume, Carnival Beauty

  • 02.18.2015
Long Lost Perfume Photos by Augusta Sagnelli Styling: Me! Hair: Courtney Bradberry Makeup: Alicia D'Angelo Model: Caitlin Ahern "I returned to New Orleans, and as soon as I smelled the air, I knew I was home. It was rich, almost sweet, like the scent of jasmine and roses around our old courtyard. I walk

Star Gaze

  • 02.12.2015
7:57 a.m. Or 4:05. No matter the time of day we're* pretty much all here for the same thing*. *By "we" presently I mean New Orleanians. Because that's my current point of reference. By "thing" I mean carnival. And in the meantime, I have a new gig.** Which will shoot me straight out of here. And then back again wh

Do Whatcha Wanna

  • 02.07.2015
Carnival season is fully underway. It's the time of year I remember why I fell in love with this place. There's not much like it in the world and every time I watch it pull someone in I have an immediate kinship with them. If she gets you, then so do I. I spent some time the other morning on WWLTV sharing a few

Grind Over Glamour

  • 02.04.2015
"6AM = Dedicated to the mastery of your own destiny in realtime."  wearing: Skinnies similar + obsession worthy, Grind/Glamour Tank, Krewe du Optic sunnies, Hooded cape similar, Modern Vice boots, lusting for these I've been feeling it. The 6AMs. The grind over glamour. There's a lot on the plate, mind, rotat