Ghost of the 9th

  • 01.28.2015
"Did you know sometimes it frightens me-- when you say my name and I can't see you? will you ever learn to materialize before you speak? impetuous boy, if that's what you really are. how many centuries since you've climbed a balcony or do you do this every night with someone else? you tell me that you'll

Color Theory

  • 01.26.2015
“She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar.” Mmm, hm, do I ever know what that color feels like. __________ I have a long standing love affair with the beauty business. I spent time in oh, 400+ salons over the course of 10 years and learned my "brain

I Will Always

  • 01.22.2015
Current mood // Feel the vibes // I will always // And you? As the week rolls on I can feel the warmth pulling. me. I know in my heart it won't stay, the freeze will come sneaking back in but... just. for. a. moment. I'm all in. Talking about the weather? Sure we are. The florals, the free flow, a lit

The Exhibit.

  • 01.20.2015
“there was something about that city, though it didn't let me feel guilty that I had no feeling for the things so many others needed. it let me alone.” ― Charles Bukowski on New Orleans I've often felt that New Orleans is a place that people go to hide in plain view. It's like disappearing to a Euro

And The Boys Are Neutral

  • 01.18.2015
“It's a secret code," said Calvin. "Girls are not not like boys. If a boy wants to kill you, he says 'I'm going to kill you.' If a girl wants to kill you, she says, 'We need to talk.' That's the code." I gasped. "Has a girl ever wanted to talk to you?" I asked.  "Yup," said Calvin. "How come you're still aliv

How To Fall In

  • 01.16.2015
In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.  Today's lesson is an easy one. How. To. Fall. In. To what? Well, I suppose you choose.  The Stars / The Air / The Night / The Sea The Love. The Invincible Summer. And yeah, you can call it what you like, just find it, feel it and fal

The Epic.

  • 01.14.2015
"Eschew the monumental. Shun the Epic... ...all the guys who can paint great big pictures can paint great small ones." Wise words from my regular go to Mr. Hemingway. As the first month of the new year is moving along I've been feeling his vibes and keeping an eye on all the small things. Things that us

The Deep End.

  • 01.08.2015
9:00 p.m., I'm in the bathtub, completely submerged... sounds are faint and muffled and I like it that way. I was a competitive swimmer for 7 years, like junior olympic style and I swear the reason I was a well adjusted child was because I spent so much time under water with nothing but time and my own little though

Sanity Maintenance Plan

  • 01.05.2015
Monday morning, I looked out of the window and decided it was time for a little a reflecting. Actually, that word "reflecting" sounds reeaal nice. And doesn't everyone use it as they turn the calendar page into the new year? Reflect deeply * Create resolve * Be resolute (All of those things seem like great starts

Superlative Style: 2014

  • 12.30.2014
Happy day before NYE you guys. As I thought about how I wanted to approach this post it didn't seem quite right to do an "outfit roundup of 2014" ... I mean, I spent a quarter of the year on a beach in basically the same three outfits every day, I focused on travel stories and inner selfies (you know a quick snap of